Electric Car Charger Home Installation In Lea Bridge

EV Charger Home Installation Lea Bridge

Almost everyone who owns an electric vehicle can understand the convenience associated with being able to charge their car at home. Overnight charging, for instance, will ensure that your vehicle is ready to take you to work the next day. However, unknown to many people, you don’t always need to hire professional EV home charger installers. There are three types of charging stations that can be installed, with the most basic one not requiring expert help.

On this page, we’ll look at the three types of EV home chargers.

Installing a Level 1 EV Home Charger In Lea Bridge

Now you don’t need to hire professional EV Home Charger Installers to install a Level 1 charger. You also don’t require any special equipment because it comes with your electric vehicle. The Level 1 charger can easily be plugged into a standard wall outlet and will start charging. So, there is no extra cost associated with the installation or applying for a grant.

Level 2 Vehicle Charger Installation In Lea Bridge
A level 2 EV charger, uses pulls 240 volts of electricity and offers the benefit of fast charging a vehicle. However, it requires that the charger be professionally installed since a standard wall outlet will not work. Fortunately, the installation process isn’t too time-consuming or complex, which is why most professional installers should be able to handle it. Though we still recommend hiring an OLEV approved technician.

Level 3 – EV Charger with a Solar Panel In Lea Bridge
The next or perhaps more advanced charger uses electricity generated by solar panels. Installing this type of vehicle charger is a complicated job and requires several hours of work. That’s why it is also the most expensive. However, since the charging station does not pull power from the grid, the costs associated with charging a vehicle is very low. That’s why most people will opt for a charging station with solar panels, especially if they own the home.

Always Hire Experienced Technicians

You always want to make sure that the EV home charger installers are experienced, certified by the OLEV, and insured. That way, you can be sure that the company you are hiring will install the outlet exactly as it should be.

Today there are more EV Home Charger installers in the UK than they ever were before. So, finding one near you shouldn’t be difficult. Only make sure that you know what you want, and have a realistic budget for the project.

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