Why Should You Take EV Home Charger Security Very Seriously?

One of the most common questions that people ask is if we should think about our EV home charger security? Should we take its security seriously? It is important to start by mentioning that home charging points are becoming extremely popular, and because of that, they are a potential security concern for owners. The problem with the EV home chargers available on the market today is that they don’t have any type of security mechanism built into them, which means that people can steal electricity from your point.

There have been numerous cases across the UK, where people would drive up to another person’s home and steal their electricity. While a single charge or two may not amount to a lot, the fact that its money out of your pocket is a cause for concern. Furthermore, it is also possible for a thief to run off with your charging point altogether.

So, the question is, how do you ensure that your EV home charger is secure?

Use a Padlock?

While it is going to be the most basic EV home charger security, it can also be effective. Securing a high-tech home charger with a traditional padlock may seem strange, but it is highly effective. It is also the easiest commonsense method.
You can buy a plastic sleeved chain, and then pass it across and around the EV charging cables and the dock, to secure it with a padlock. Some enterprising individuals have custom locks that they’ve built for their charging station, and work as a significant deterrent for thieves looking to make a quick buck.

Make Sure That the EV Charger Is Security Inside Your Home

Instead of installing the charger near the outside of your home where anyone can hop the fence and steal it, you might want to install it inside. If you have a garage, make sure that it is installed well within the garage. Then secure the garage with a high-security lock. Make sure that all entrances leading to and from the garage are also secure.
You should also add a surveillance camera inside of the garage that faces the EV charger. That way, if someone did manage to make it to the inside of the garage, they can be capture on camera, and that will make it easier for the police to apprehend them.

Custom Security Solutions

Even though there aren’t many custom EV home charger security solutions, there are few that can be found online. Most of them haven’t been extensively tested because it is a new territory. However, if you are out of options, you might want to try them out.


EV home chargers are expensive. Most people apply for grants to get them installed at their homes, which makes them precious commodities. That’s why it pays to ensure that your electric vehicle home charger is secure in the best possible way, similar to maybe how your car is secured with a security system and tracker.