Shell Recharge Network

It’s a frightening thought, but in the UK, transport is still the largest source of carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions, which is why many of us are changing our vehicles to electric, hybrid or a combination of the two, because these clean electric transport fuels produce only low or no carbon emissions at all.

This is because EVs (electric vehicles) are run on a rechargeable electric battery which is housed either at the owner’s home or at a petrol station.

By recharging the EV’s battery by plugging it into an electricity source, in the same sort of way as we regularly do with our mobile phones, we can help reduce the energy emissions and look forward to a cleaner future.

The addressing of fuel emissions and making life more comfortable and cheaper for owners of EVs to use their vehicles means that ultimately the government’s goal of moving us all to low-emission vehicles by 2030 needs to be an issue that affects us all.

The three main types of electric vehicles which are available – battery operated, hybrid electric and plug-in hybrid electric vehicles, can be refueled at home, at a petrol station or at work, unlike traditional vehicles which usually can only be refuelled at a petrol station.

Shelling Out…
This is why companies such as Shell are investing in EV infrastructure and has over 150 Shell Recharge charge points on their forecourts with 100% certified renewable electricity across the UK.

We’ve all heard of Shell garages but perhaps what many of us didn’t know is that Shell is the first established oil company that has launched an EV charging network right across the UK.

So, if you are already one of the owners of an electric or hybrid vehicle, you too can take full advantage of the pay-as-you-go operation.

Shell Recharge is a fast, subscription-free EV charging service that provides renewable electricity that has been generated by using wind, solar, and biomass at Shell garage stations.

They provide rapid, high-power charging at 150kW and 50kW, which are quick and easy to use.

Shell has a full list of sites that offer their Recharge locations, which can be located by use of their Shell Recharge App. Charging types and speeds can be filtered as well, showing only those points that are compatible with users’ cars.

How it Works
Shell Recharge costs at present 39p per kilowatt, and there are three ways to pay.

Users can access the charge points via the Smoov Shell app, charge card, or their contactless bank card.

Access to the Shell Recharge network can be made via a contactless credit/debit card, RFID card, or a smartphone app, which is free to download. When using the app or RFID card, payment is taken from a credit or debit card linked to the customer’s account after the charging session is complete.

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