Osprey Charging Network

The world of electric vehicles is rapidly changing, and Osprey Charging is one of the many companies that have decided to commit themselves to provide unique and essential services to their customers.

Osprey Charging are committed to providing practical, clean transport and has partnered with commercial properties as well as local authorities to develop a growing network of rapid and reliable charge points for EV (electric vehicle) owners by strategically placing them throughout cities and major roadway routes.

Osprey Charging was, until October 2020, known as Engenie.

They decided to change their name and repackage as their mission has always been to provide renewable energy for the masses, and with the growth of EV sales in the past few years, they know that the mass market consumer won’t put up with charging points being compatible with every EV on the market.

Osprey Charging wants their public charging infrastructure to be straightforward and easy to use – for all EV models.

And that’s what they’ve done – they have established throughout the UK a network of recharging posts which have new and exciting technology including systems and software which aims to offer drivers more personalisation and choice when it comes to recharging their electric vehicles.

These innovative technological changes include smart screens, which are similar to the digital self-service kiosks seen at McDonald’s fast-food drive-throughs, as well as a user-focused smart phone app.

Osprey Charging has also linked up with NewMotion, which is a leading European smart charging solutions provider, and their partnership is with the intention of growing the roaming market.

Roaming, also known as interoperability, is the formation of an open network where EV drivers access the charging services of all operators in the network with just a single charge card.

As a result, the roaming partnerships create a more connected charging network for drivers and help ease the pressure of range anxiety.

In effect, roaming partnerships help make EV driving and charging more practical and more easily accessible for drivers.

While Osprey offers contactless payment as standard, they appreciate and want to develop the added benefits to customers that belonging to a reliably connected roaming service.
Osprey Charging operates a nationwide network of rapid direct current (DC) charge points that can charge at 50kW, with higher power chargers said to be coming soon.

These rapid chargers are reputed to provide 80-100 miles of range in 20-30 minutes, depending on the model of electric vehicle being charged.

Whereas an AC (alternating current) 7-22kW charge point can take 4-11 hours to fully charge an EV battery. This inevitably makes EV drivers highly value DC charge points while on-the-go, as they offer a rapid and reliable service.

EV charging with Osprey Charging means no special membership fee or card, all their charge points have both AC and DC connectors so that any EV can use them, and they take less than 30 minutes to charge up.

Payment is fast and easy with Osprey Charging as they have also installed contactless credit/debit card and Apple Pay terminals at the chargers – these also mean that in-built financial security features protect customers.

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