BP Chargemaster Polar Network

To meet the government directive of ‘a green industrial revolution’ with the 2030 ban of UK new cars being petrol and diesel-fuelled means that within a decade, all new car buyers across the UK will need easy access to battery charging infrastructure.

At present, BP Chargemaster has the largest UK network of rapid chargers, which are vital for topping up electric vehicles on long journeys, and this clearly demonstrates how this particular oil giant has decided to respond to the dramatic growth of battery-powered vehicles in the UK.

BP Polar has the largest rapid charging network in the UK, with over 400 rapid charge points nationwide, having invested over £3.5 million in UK forecourts.

And with over 7,000 public charging points which are linked across the UK for electric vehicles (EV), with the BP Chargemaster Polar Network App, their users can now to find, check availability, and recharge at many different locations.

The BP Polar network is, therefore, continually growing and responding to public demand, thus allowing for flexibility and ease for users of electric vehicles.

BP Polar Network also has exclusive partnerships with restaurants, hotels, local authorities as well as car parks, so they are able to increase their network, thus making electric car driving far easier and more accessible for all EV users.

Their offer…
BP Chargemaster designs, build and maintains charging units in the UK for electric vehicles, and they also run Polar, which is the largest network of public charging points across the whole of the UK.

Now BP Chargemaster’s Polar network is in the process of upgrading all their 50kW Ultracharge rapid chargers, so the charging of users’ batteries becomes easier by improving functionality and connectivity – they are also able to offer 150kW charging units in 50 locations already.

These upgrades will remove the current RFID only card readers on the present chargers and install an improved contactless payment terminal, which will streamline access to their rapid network.

Customers will now be able to access the rapid network more quickly and to use the contactless terminal to start a charge with their Polar Plus or Charge Now membership access card, as well as with a debit or credit card.

The new contactless units will also now accept Mastercard, Visa, AMEX, Google Pay, Apple Pay, and Samsung Pay.

Each of their rapid chargers will receive new firmware and tech upgrades to improve the connection to their back-end system. BP engineers will also check each of their unit’s functionality and repair any issues, as the need to improve reliability and ensure their customers can get a charge when they need it is of paramount importance to the company.

The Polar subscription offers both Polar Plus and Polar Instant, which offer their members better value and specific benefits.

Members can now enjoy unlimited access to over 7,000 charging points, most of which are then free to use. For anyone else, they just pay for the electricity consumed.

There’s no long-term contract or notice period and cancellation, for any reason, is easy and relatively painless.

Anyone from Tesla owners to taxi drivers can use their ultra-fast public charging hubs and use their Apps.

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