Zappi Charger Review

If you are part of the megatrend of owning an electric car and therefore need an electric vehicle battery charger, then look no further than Myenergi’s Zappi’s incredible electric car charger creation, which uses solar energy to help…

This intelligent green energy device helps to make owning an environmental car even more appealing as it works with solar PV and allows you to recharge your EV with renewable energy.

Up until now, owners of electric vehicles have been somewhat penalised by the energy market because when charging the electric car using an off-peak plug-in electricity tariff, you can pay roughly 5p per kilowatt-hour. However, if you have to charge during peak hours, then you can expect to pay 15p.

This can be the difference for those with a 40kW battery paying £2 of £6 for a full electricity charge.

However, this is where Zappi steps in to help out, so, rather than you having to spend hours watching your electricity meter, the Zappi electric charger can for you, as it’s a combination of EV charger and an energy manager.

This is because the Zappi will depend on the user’s choice and choose between the available energy sources to charge at the lowest cost or within the fastest time.

Zappi’s most attractive feature is the integration with grid-tied microgeneration systems, which are specifically known as solar PV arrays or wind turbines.

Okay, so lots of us don’t have solar panels or wind turbines in our back gardens, but you shouldn’t let this put you off because it also allows you to work with a home battery storage system so you can charge your EV at nighttime or if there’s no sunlight.

The Zappi has three eco modes to select between, eco, eco+, and eco+ mode, and these determine how your vehicle is going to be charged in relation to the energy being produced.

This innovative smart EV charger also allows you to select specific times when it should charge your vehicle as the three modes ensure that you can achieve minimum charge requirements regardless of the weather.

The Zappi has a load balancing device that watches your home’s power usage and then reduces the charge to the EV if too much demand is being drawn around the house, and there are various Zappi chargers available in 7kW single phase, 22KW 3-phase versions.
Because the Zappi can also work with the primary electrical grid, you’re spoilt for choice, just like a standard charger.

This is a great innovative invention which helps the environmentally friendly amongst us save on their carbon footprint as well as saving on their bills.

It has a number of smart accessories that make it super-efficient to use in your home – because it’s OLEV approved, the Zappi will ensure you get a government grant, cutting its overall price even further.

In a nutshell, the Myenergi Zappi is a tethered connector that uses solar energy to power your EV and is seen as a great source of low-cost green energy with smart features for remote control and monitoring.
What’s not to love?

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