Kia-E-Niro UK Review

If you want an SUV with 0% emission driving, which is 100% electric, then now’s the time to look at the Kia-e Niro.

Regardless of this family-sized car being relatively new on the scene, it’s already creating one heck of a punch as an electric car.

New electric cars are continually appearing on the car scene. However, not always ones that can top the Kia e-Niro’s official range of up to 282 miles between charges as well as it being better than many petrol or diesel cars as it’s so much cheaper to run.

What’s not to love?

Well, it’s not thought of as being much of a looker – it’s seen as a relatively straightforward family-sized car and is front-wheel drive only with a single-speed automatic gearbox.

There’s room for five adults inside as well – so price, practicality, and range all score high in our book…

The Kia-e Niro has got a 64kWh lithium-ion battery and 282 miles of range as well as 17-inch wheels, a large infotainment screen, leather seats, radar cruise control, and a whole load of active safety features which come as standard.

The latest offerings also include a very excellent updated 10.25-inch touchscreen and an AC 11kW three-phase charger as standard.

It is quite good fun to drive on the road, and as with other EVs, there are wheel-mounted paddles that control the four different driving modes, which make motorway driving great for coasting.
The Niro takes a just over seven seconds to reach 62mph, which is fast for a car that has no sporting claims, which makes it fast enough to get you away from junctions and lights before most cars on the road and before the power tails.
With its intelligent regenerative braking system which can adapt to the speed of the vehicle ahead, its kinetic energy to recharge the battery, and with intelligent adaptive cruise control (SCC) with Stop & Go function and active driving assistance in traffic jams, this is the SUV of all electric cars.

It can be viewed as a bit of a bouncy ride, but there’s relatively no road noise even when on the motorway. There’s optimised soundproofing of the passenger compartment to reduce noise and vibrations further.

Inside, the Kia-e Niro has wireless phone charging, a premium JBL sound system, leather seats, and a responsive 10.25-inch touchscreen with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. It also has a sizeable useful boot.

High seating positions, a good overview, and a feeling of being safe are what make people want an SUV rather than just a car – this is what the Kia-e Niro can deliver.

If you want a useable family hatchback with a useful range and a great low purchase price, then this is very possibly the SUV car for you.

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