Best EV Home Charger UK

Cars are often parked for more hours daily than they spend on the road. Thus, it is advisable to have an electric vehicle charging spot in a strategic place in your home while using the best ev home charger possible. EV charging has become more accessible than it was in the past, thanks to home charge installations. You get to comfortably charge your car for long periods or overnight and hit the road in the morning without issues.

While you can charge your car with a standard household power outlet, it is safer and advisable to install home chargers for your vehicles. You can minimize your costs with a dedicated charging point for electric cars.

Why should I install an EV charger at home?

If you have decided that the street parking or public charging options are not for you, you might be wondering what you need to charge an electric car at home. Luckily, you do not need sophisticated gadgets or software that comes at a high price point. All you need is a dedicated charging point in your garage or other places exclusively for car charging. A Charging Timer allows you to plug your vehicle into a charger but not engage charging until a set time range.

You can also save costs by taking advantage of available uk government incentives for people to buy an electric charger for cars. UK citizens are entitled to a £350 OLEV grant for installing home charge points under the Electric Vehicle Homecharge Scheme (EVHS), which became effective from 1st April 2020.

You could benefit from this home charge OLEV grant if your vehicle is on the approved list of low emission vehicles. Some of the EV models on the list include well-known brands like Tesla, Nissan and Peugeot. If your brand is on the list, you will need to buy a certified charger and get an OLEV authorized technician or charge point installer to do the home installation.

Apart from the financial incentives, smart home charging points provide better accessibility. Most households charging points may be too far from the garage, and the owner may have to buy cables to reach their vehicle. A simple installation can resolve this issue.

What type of charger do I need?

You will need to see what type of cables your vehicle takes when buying a charger. A charge point unit usually will come with a tethered type 1 or type 2 cable that can be plugged to the car whenever you want to charge. For example, you can plug a type 2 charging cable into a type 2 socket. Generally speaking, the Type 2 is the universal socket in Europe.

Speed plays a vital role in electric car charging, so you want to install an electric car charge point that is compatible with your desired charging rate. Whether your optimal speed is low, medium, or fast charge, there is a dedicated electric car charger for you.

You may also want to install a charger that monitors energy usage. Alternatively, you can install a charging point of up to 40 Amps. An EV will consume more power than most electric gadgets in your home. Thus, if you are trying to conserve energy or minimize your carbon footprint, a smart charger would be an excellent option.

What is the best EV home charger?

If you have decided to get a home charger installation for your electric vehicle, you will probably want to get one that ticks all the right boxes. Like most innovative products, there is a range of good ones on the market. It may be challenging to identify the best home ev charger for your car and home.

However, we have taken the time to come up with a list of some of the best options available, so compare each charger to see which best suits your installation needs. Getting the best home charging setup is key to keeping EV running costs low. Whether you have a pure Electric Vehicle or plug in hybrid be sure to carry on reading.

Andersen A2

The exquisite finishing of this charger is not merely for aesthetical purposes. The hardcore wooden design keeps the cable and plugs safely hidden. Also, the brand’s love for gorgeous finishing makes provides you with many customizable finishing options. This charger comes with a smart app that enables EV drivers or EV owners to monitor energy usage and charging progress from anywhere.

Furthermore, it has a lifetime chassis and is user friendly. Also, this product does not require you to make extra purchases like an earth rod or additional cable. The installation process is straightforward, and any qualified technician can breeze through it quickly.

Although the Andersen A2 is not pocket-friendly, its brilliant design and bespoke features make it a solid installation option for the price.

Eo Mini Pro

If you are not into large electrical fittings, you might love the Eo Mini Pro. The charger is famous for its compact design. Buying the Eo Mini Pro makes you qualify for the OLEV EVHS grant. It combines unique fast charging and smart charging features.

Even better, you can start, stop, and schedule charging with a simple click, thanks to the JuiceNet smartphone app.

Despite its compact size, this charger is fully loaded. It is easy to set up, and if your car comes with inbuilt scheduling features, you will enjoy this charger with or without the JuiceNet platform.


It is famous for its energy-saving features. If you are entirely off the grid and want to use renewable energy power solutions, this charger will be a great choice for you. Its off-peak sensing feature notifies you whenever your off-peak tariff is available. This way, you can charge for free or way less than you would with other chargers. It is a wonderful way to take advantage of surplus energy.

Another incredible feature the Zappi offers is its unique cable lock feature that prevents someone from inadvertently unplugging the charger while connected. It is a type 1 charger and comes with a 3-year warranty and a security lock. The installation process is even more straightforward, and it has excellent reviews.

Pod Point

The Pod Point stands out for its compatibility with many car brands. You get to enjoy over-the-air software updates once the device is connected to Wi-Fi. One awesome perk is that you can track your energy consumption with its smart features, even if you are not going to use a smart meter.

The pod point comes with a 3-year warranty. It is budget friendly as the price includes the cost of installation. You can reduce costs by using the OLEV grant. The Pod Point charger is compatible with a wide range of electric vehicle brands such as Audi and Peugeot.


If you have a slim budget, Rolec smart chargers are an affordable, yet reliable option. Role devices are fully loaded and offer a great user experience. You can also claim a grant under the Homecharge scheme with this charger despite its competitive price.

Rolec supports the Type 1 and Type 2 connectors / universal sockets. It may not be as easy to install as other chargers on this list, but it still has to power and speed when it counts. Also, its finishing is waterproof, which makes it safe to use in less than ideal conditions.

Are you ready?

If you have decided to buy one of the chargers listed above, figuring out how to install your smart home EV charger will be the next logical step.

Quick advice: Do not attempt to install the charger yourself as you may damage the charger and lose money. It is best to contact qualified installers who understand the intricacies of EV Chargers UK such as load balancing, power output,power cable and charging stations.

Luckily, most suppliers will send experts to handle the installation process, and you do not have to do a thing. Also, if you want to claim the EVHS OLEV grant, you can contact an OLEV authorized installer.